Roof Contractor Safety

While all construction jobs are dangerous,Roof Contractor Safety Articles a roof contractor faces more safety risks than others. The nature of their work requires them to often stand or squat on high slanted rooftops. Most injuries and deaths associated with construction work occur in the roofing profession. This type of work is considered the most dangerous of all construction trades. When you hire a professional to fix a leak or re-shingle your roof, you may want to pay close attention to the safety regulations that he or she follows. There are specific guidelines set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for most industries. However, this governmental agency does not publish safety manuals for any of those industries.

One reason that OSHA does not publish safety manuals is that there is no specific set of guidelines that will work for all people in an industry. The safety rules that one roof contractor follows may not work for another contractor. These professionals have some leeway to decide on their own safety rules, as long as they meet the standards set forth by OSHA. Those standards state that roofers must be protected from falls by guardrails, nets, or safety harnesses whenever they are working six feet or more above the ground. There are also standards regarding the use of scaffolding and ladders intended to keep workers safe.

These safety standards Construction jobs should be adhered to by every roof contractor, but sadly that is not always the case. To ensure the work on your roof is completed safely and without any injuries, you can ask to see your contractor’s safety manual. Check to see that safety harnesses are used appropriately and that there are regulations for the use of ladders and scaffolding. Even if the contractor has insurance, he or she should also still protect workers with certain safety standards. You may not be financially liable for any injuries, but you still probably would not like to see anyone get hurt while fixing your roof. Once you have seen the roof contractor’s safety manual, you will be able to notice if any workers are not following safety rules. You may be able to prevent a serious accident by being aware of those safety rules. One of the biggest reasons for roofing accidents is mistakes that workers make.

Whether intentional or unintentional, some workers may not follow safety standards. Some might even insist that they do not need to wear personal safety harnesses or adhere to other standards. This type of overconfidence can cause a serious accident. If your contractor is not always on site, some workers may take advantage of his or her absence by ignoring safety rules. Your knowledge of safety standards can help the contractor be sure work is being conducted properly while he or she is not there. If your roof is especially steep or very high, an accident could be very serious. Even the work zone on the ground can be dangerous if certain safety standards are not met. You can check to make sure that debris from the job is swept up regularly, so that workers are not at risk of stepping on sharp objects while on the ground. Your attention to the safety of workers at your home can help prevent an accident and ensure that regulations are met at all times.

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